Communicating the Benefits

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Let's dive into the copy! We'll want to come back to our core objective of communicating the benefits. While summaries are effective at sharing what the webinar will be about, communicating the benefits will be effective at sharing how the webinar will improve the lives of any attendees. It (benefit-driven copy) is a proven strategy and we'll keep this as our focus.

Similar to a sub-headline, the copy allows you to support and expand on the big promise we crafted in the previous lesson. It's a great way to cement the promise in specifics and go into more details on how the webinar will deliver value.

As we outlined in an earlier lesson, a really effective way to do this is through the use of bullet points. They help you break down each benefit into digestible chunks.

Demio's built-in Registration Editor includes a rich text description element that allows you to quickly add rich content to your registration page, including bullet points.

Here's a few patterns and tactics that these examples use and how we can implement them when crafting our own copy:

They use numbers: similar to our headline, numbers are a great way to quantify the benefit into something tangible.

Questions: Are you going to be breaking a topic down into its parts? Are there a set number of strategies/tactics that you'll share?

They use financial impact: depending on your audience, financial drivers can be incredibly motivating. Framing your benefits through a financial outcome can be a great option.

Questions: Are there proven results that attendees can expect to achieve? How much value are you bundling in your presentation?

They resonate with your audience: aim to speak to the desires and pain points of your target audience.

Questions: What common struggles of theirs is your event going to solve? What aspiration are you going to deliver on?

Now that we've outlined the benefits, the remainder of our copy should lead and direct the potential registrant to those benefits. Your aim should be to lay out the context for how those benefits will improve their lives.

They should ask questions and provoke thoughts that encourage them to desire the solutions and strategies you're proposing.

Through Demio's rich text description element, you can mix-and-match different types of text to bring your copy to life.

Add links, lists, images and even quotes to produce a dynamic piece of copy.

Keep in mind that not all who land on the page are going to digest each and every single part of it. This is why we can triage our focus for communicating the benefits:

Headlines (and Sub-Headline) → Easy-to-Read Bullets Points → Remaining Copy

We also have the visual elements that we can use to further support (and engage) our audience.

Let's jump into the next lesson where we can focus on our third objective: building trust.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.