Course Overview: Hosting Your Event

Team Demio
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When it comes to hosting your event, engagement and interaction are key. These are the elements that make your webinar event different from simply watching a video.

Throughout this course, we'll look at how we can bring those elements to your webinar event.

We'll start by understanding your audience through the lens of a customer avatar and why that can help you decide what approach to take when engaging with your Attendees.

Then we'll review everything from how to prepare for the big event, walking you through all of the necessary steps to ensure your webinar runs as smoothly as possible, to actually running the event and what you can do to keep engagement levels high.

We'll also outline a few tools/tactics you can use to keep your event a two-way street as far as communication and interaction goes.

Finally, we'll tackle a few things we can do as our event comes to a close to end on a positive note.

While you can apply these strategies and tactics on any webinar platform, we'll be showcasing how to implement all of these strategies and tactics directly on Demio. If you have an account, it'll be easy to follow along!

If you don't have one yet, feel free to sign-up for our free trial. No credit card required.

Learning Goal: Explore best practices for how to host your event with engagement and interaction in mind.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.