Course Overview: Replay Campaigns

Team Demio
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A common mistake many beginners make with running webinars is assuming that when the webinar ends, so does the process.

Engagement doesn't need to halt once the webinar session comes to an end. Results don't need to stop once the End Session button is clicked. Conversions don't need to cease simply because Attendees are dismissed from the room.

None of those things have to happen, as long as you thoughtfully deploy a post-webinar replay campaign!

We'll start by diving into some of the key benefits that a replay offers and why it might be a worthy area to invest some time into preparing.

Then, we'll explore some strategies and tactics for preparing your very own replay campaign. We'll explore a few different use-cases, as well as methods to handle different segments: those that attended versus those that missed altogether.

Finally, we'll run through some of the common ways replays are shared to help you decide which option might work the best for you.

While you can apply these strategies and tactics on any webinar platform, we'll be showcasing how to implement all of these strategies and tactics directly on Demio. If you have an account, it'll be easy to follow along!

If you don't have one yet, feel free to sign-up for our free trial. No credit card required.

Learning Goal: Learn how to prepare a post-webinar replay campaign to continue engaging your audience and capture additional results.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.