Objectives of a Registration Process

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While the ultimate goal of any registration process is to capture registrants, we can break this down into a few core underlying objectives that every successful registration process gets right.

In a digital age full of noise, we want to engage our audience—both when driving traffic to our registration page and throughout the entire process to keep their interest levels high.

It's also important to approach things from the standpoint of our audience and communicate benefits to keep the focus on their needs and their lives.

The last piece is to build trust to justify the ask: in this case, a registration and a future commitment of their time.

Being mindful of these three objectives will ensure we can build our registration process in a manner that is bound to succeed:

Before moving forward, let's get a summary of the tools (or steps) that we have available:

Pre-Registration: Everything that relates to driving people to the registration page.

  • several free traffic strategies that we can use to engage an audience and bring them to our page
  • a few paid strategies that we can use to drive even more traffic

Registration Page: This is where the magic (in this case, an oh so sweet registration) ultimately happens.

  • a headline that captures their attention and communicates the core benefit
  • some copy/description that allows us to support our objectives
  • a call-to-action/form that will allow the registration to be submitted
  • different visual aids that further engage the audience and are effective for building trust

With Demio's built-in registration editor, we allow users to quickly add each of these elements.

Simply pick and choose an element you want to include, plug in your content, and it'll be added to your page.

Post-Registration: The next steps following the registration that help ensure a great turnout.

  • a helpful Thank You page that is shown after the registration occurs
  • a series of post-registration emails that continue to engage them leading up to the event

Demio provides options covering both of these steps.

Each registration uses a default Thank You page that share details unique to the specific registrant. We also have beautifully designed pre-built emails that adapt to your custom branding with different time intervals available for you to pick-n-choose.

Of course, we make it incredibly easy to opt for any custom options if you'd like to use those instead.

Throughout this course, we'll be covering how to set up each of these steps with the three core objectives in mind.

Let's get started with building our registration process!

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