Wrapping Up

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With your event coming to an end, let's look at a few things we'll want to do!


While it depends on the type of webinar you're doing, there's usually a key action that you're hoping to drive your Attendees too—maybe it's the sales page for the coaching program you're selling, or a trial link to the product tour you just gave, or even just your own website where they can continue learning about the topic at hand.

This is the moment to drive that action! Especially if you've been able to deliver value to your audience members, it'll be well deserved.

Answering Questions

When it comes to the Q&A portion of a webinar, it's often placed at the end for a few reasons:

  • the main presentation is over so any audience members that need to leave don't feel like they're missing out
  • you're afforded extra flexibility without any hard time limits, giving you plenty of time to answer as many questions as you'd like
  • often times, it's of tremendous value to many of your Attendees—keeping them tuned in

Of course, having one at all is a great way to collect any feedback, provide any missed insights to your audience, and overcome any objections.

Saying Thanks

Make sure to keep your enthusiasm and energy up all the way through to the end of your presentation, and remember to give your sincere thanks to those that stayed on until the end.

They've spent valuable time out of your their day with you and you should be appreciative of having had the opportunity to connect with them.

Now That It's Over

Now that the event is over, you can give yourself (and your team) a well-deserved pat on the back.

In our earlier course, we covered how to create a post-webinar campaign. If you haven't already set that up, you'll want to make sure you prepare any post-webinar emails as well as grab the recording to send out.

This is also a great time to review the analytics. Doing so will give you a better understanding of where the interaction was strong and where it might need improvement—maybe there were certain topics that had a higher drop-off, or perhaps the length of the presentation was too long.

In any case, each experience should help you learn and continually get better. You've done a great job regardless and you should be proud of yourself.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.