Choosing the Topic

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A fundamental understanding of your audience is key to succeeding with your webinar and the content portion of your presentation is no exception!

As with many of our courses, we're going to be doing a quick dive into how the Customer Avatar relates back to the subject at hand. In this case, we'll be exploring how it should guide you when choosing your presentation topic.

In case you missed it, our Getting Started course has a full breakdown on crafting your customer avatar where we do an in-depth dive into what a customer avatar is, why it's so valuable to building a successful webinar process, and how to craft one yourself.

Here's a quick summary:

Goals and Aspirations

These are the desires of your audience. We'll be crafting our webinars so they move your audience towards achieving these desires.

Challenges and Pains

These are the problems that your audience faces. Not only do they help you connect with your audience through mutual understanding, but by offering possible solutions that overcome these problems, we can truly deliver value.

With those key points established, it's crucial that your topic is linked to one or more of the following:

  • solving a pain or challenge
  • moving them closer to a goal
  • helping them achieve an aspiration

In fact, your topic should ideally be one big promise that keys in on the core value you are going to provide them—in other words, position yourself in your customer's shoes and imagine how it'll have an impact on their business/their lives/their cats.

(If you can't, you may need to revisit the topic you've chosen.)

Tips and Tricks

There are, however, a few tactics you can use to help refine your topic even further:

  • Are you able to make this topic fit a current trend/popular topic/issue in the world?
  • Is there a specific outcome you can list in detail (i.e. a case study with real results or measurable financial impact)?
  • Is there something time-sensitive about this topic you can include?
  • Is there differentiation in the value you're promising to provide vs. what's already available out there?
  • Is there specific social proof or unique credibility you possess that your competitors don't?

These elements can create an additional layer of curiosity, intrigue, and scarcity which will help drive excitement for the event.

In summary, you should aim to find a topic that effectively targets the needs, wants, desires, or pains of your customer. Doing so will be the first step in creating a winning presentation.

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