Crafting the Perfect Headline

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Your headline is the key item on your registration page that outlines what your webinar is about.

A great way to think about the headline is through the lens of a big promise that keys in on the core value of the webinar itself—in other words, position yourself in the Attendee's shoes and communicate how it'll have an impact on their business/their lives/their cats.

A quick caveat: Sometimes it makes sense to have a to-the-point headline that's more descriptive of the webinar itself (example: Demio Product Walkthrough).

This ultimately comes down to understanding your audience:

  • Are they familiar with who you are? Perhaps you've already established trust. Or are they engaging with you and your content for the first time? In which case, a benefit-driven approach may be more effective?
  • Which will they appreciate more? It's important to speak their language.
  • Are the benefits implied? Or have they already been outlined? An example of this might be product onboarding webinars where there's a very clear reason why someone would want to attend (to learn how to use your product).

You can also include a sub-headline to support and even expand on your main headline.

One method is to pair your headlines so they work together in lock-step: if your main headline is benefit-driven, you can add a more summary-based sub-headline (and vice-versa).

Another option is to use the sub-headline to draw attention to the webinar itself. Adding something with the text: A 100% Free Webinar is a common, but proven approach for encouraging registrations.

With Demio's registration editor, you'll have the ability to add and customize both your Main Headline and a Sub-Headline.

Now let's dive a bit into tactics!

Using numbers can be an effective way to frame the benefit as something more quantifiable and concrete. Of course, be careful not to go overboard and aim to use proven numbers (having prior data can help).

Example: How to 2X your registration conversations or Boost your free social traffic by 150%

Framing it as a list is another method that can be used in conjunction with numbers to make it even more digestible. People love to break up bigger topics and strategies into smaller chunks (and they'll love it even more if you promise to do it for them).

Example: 5 easy steps to crafting great headlines or 3 crucial objectives for building a successful registration process

Education-driven headlines (using terms like how-to/class/workshop) are great for keying in on all the magical learning that will happen on your event.

Example: How to target your core audience or Optimizing Registrations Workshop

Using certain keywords (like new, innovative, trending) is an easy way to grab attention.

Using audience-specific keywords is an even better way to grab that attention. While it comes back to knowing your audience, it'll speak to them in a way that resonates. For example, growth marketers might resonate with keywords like conversions and channels.

Don't shy away from using language that is colorful or evokes emotion either. Those are always handy to add personality to your headline. You may even consider using emojis! 😺

Lastly, we'll want to optimize the headline visually, looking at things like the length and readability base on the word choice.

With your headline created, we'll look at optimizing the copy to communicate the benefits next.

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