Driving Traffic to your Registration Page

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With our registration process built and ready to go, let's talk traffic strategies!

While this topic can warrant an entire course of its own (we're planning an advanced course on registration traffic strategies), we can summarize some common channels.

Free Traffic Strategies

Email Lists: A popular method to drive traffic is through your existing email list.

You can decide which segments of your list to contact and to what extent you want to share your upcoming webinar (dedicated email vs. smaller mention in your regular newsletter).

It's a great way to drive existing leads who you've built trust with to your webinar.

Strategic Partnerships: A fantastic strategy that involves a lot of layers to doing it right, but the gist of it will be to find other businesses that have overlapping audiences with whom you can build a win-win relationship.

Whether it's having a joint presentation or carving out a dedicated segment to spotlight their product/service, it's a great way to expand the audience of both partners involved.

Affiliates: Another method that has quite a bit of depth to it, but building out an affiliate program (or if you already have one) can yield you a group of folks that can help drive traffic to your webinar.

Social Media: Last, but certainly not least, your social channels are a great way to drive traffic and generate excitement for your event—not just from your existing followers but from their followers too. The winning formula? Be creative and stand out!

Of course, as with many things that are free, these are strategies that require careful work and nurturing to build—often well in advance of your event. Though for many of you, you'll already have one or more of these channels established, so it's a great place to start.

Paid Traffic Strategies

Google Adwords: Given how well webinars convert, it can make a lot of sense (from a budgetary standpoint) to use pay-per-click networks to drive traffic to your registration page.

It'll be smart to know your numbers (and have an optimized registration process), but don't shy away from using it as a strategy.

Facebook Ads: We all know that Facebook dominates the space of paid digital marketing and webinars aren't an exception. It's a fantastic avenue to explore (and one that we expect to have dedicated lessons around).

YouTube/Vimeo Ads: Creating an overview/promo video of your event is a great asset to have. You can use it in all sorts of ways to drive traffic/excitement for your webinar: whether it's directly on your website, your social media, and even the webinar page itself.

It can also be smart to promote it directly on YouTube or Vimeo, especially as it shares in its medium: video content!

We truly hope this course helped you create your registration process!

While you can apply these strategies and tactics on any webinar platform, we truly believe that Demio does it best.

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With your webinar registration process built out and a few traffic strategies in mind, you can be off to the races with getting registrants for your event!

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