Creating a Thank You Page

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The registration process doesn't end once a contact submits their information—instead, we need to continue engaging the newly captured registrant to increase the likelihood that they'll attend.

Having a well crafted post-registration page, otherwise known as a Thank You page, is a great step to include. It'll be pivotal in ensuring two things:

  • providing them with details on when the event is happening and making it easy to save those details so they can keep that time vacant
  • providing them any details about how to join the event, so they're ready to go when it's time to attend

Let's start with the first: the Date and Time of the event itself.

While we outlined the importance of clearly showing the date and time leading up to the registration, it's also a great idea to include it on the thank you page. Just as with the registration, we recommend including the event's time zone so that it's very clear to the registrant (who might be tuning in from a different locale) when the event is taking place.

With Demio, we automatically adjust the date and time to be shown in the registrant's local time zone.

This adjustment will occur on both our default registration pages and thank you pages alike.

It'll ultimately save any registrants the trouble from needing to convert time zone differences on their end.

For even further optimization, we recommend adding a direct Add-to-Calendar link to allow them to quickly close the loop.

Google Calendar is one of the more popular calendar tools to support, but the more options the merrier.

On Demio's default Thank You pages, we automatically include an Add to Calendar tool that generates links for all the popular calendar options.

Next up: the instructions for How to Join the event.

This may vary depending on which webinar tool you're using: from as easy as a single join link (we have those on Demio) to a few ambiguous downloads (some of the other platforms out there). In all cases, it's important to share the steps which are required and any related details.

If it's as easy as a single join link, adding the link is a great idea—something they can easily save or bookmark for when the time comes to attend.

If a few more steps are required, outlining those steps can help avoid problems later on.

On Demio, we use a system of Unique Join Links that are auto-generated for each registrant and tied to their specific registration.

This means that all they need to join is a link and nothing more!

Simply have them navigate to it in the browser and they'll be able to join the webinar room to attend.

We even include the Join Link on all of our auto-generated Add-to-Calendar links, making it nearly impossible to miss.

That's it for the Thank You page essentials!

You can opt to fill the remainder of the page as you see fit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • share a short preview of what's to come (remember, don't spoil the good stuff)
  • add any pre-webinar material that prepares them for the event
  • even just a simple thank you (it seems to always do the trick!)

With our Thank You page set up, our registration process is ready to go! (another big area for engagement leading up to the event will be the use of notification emails. We'll be covering this topic in an upcoming course.)

To wrap up this course, let's quickly explore a few traffic strategies.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.