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In this course, we'll be taking a look at how to get started with webinars. While each component of a successful webinar process could become the subject of an entire course, we'll keep to the essentials and make sure we cover all the core components.

We'll start by exploring the what and why of webinars—what they are and why they are such a powerful strategy. This will be an important step for us to see their value, but also to understand how they fit into the bigger picture (helpful for when you need to convince any stakeholders or even justify the effort to yourself).

Next, we'll consider our primary objectives and learn how to set goals for our webinars. We'll refer to any larger business objectives to ensure that both are aligned.

Following our goals will be a quick dive into crafting a customer avatar in order to better understand your audience and ensure that each step of our process speaks to them. This will be a crucial step to driving results with your webinars.

Last, but certainly not least, we'll cover the basics for when it comes to creating, promoting, and running your event.

While you can apply these strategies and tactics on any webinar platform, we'll be showcasing how to implement all of these strategies and tactics directly on Demio. If you have an account, it'll be easy to follow along!

If you don't have one yet, feel free to sign-up for our free trial. No credit card required.

Learning Goal: Explore why webinars are such an effective engagement strategy and learn how to get started with them.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.