Webinars in a Nutshell

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Let's talk webinars!

Webinars are a way for you to connect to your audience in a manner that is personal and meaningful. These are usually arranged as a one-to-many event: where you are able to get your content across to a broad audience or group, yet keep the individual engagement levels high and allow the audience to communicate live and direct (something that is missing from other channels).

As far as how they're used, webinars can actually work for several different scenarios and use cases (throughout our courses we'll be focusing on those that are specific to marketing: lead/demand generation, user activation, etc.).

But what you'll notice is a recurring theme—that regardless of the use case, they all come back to successfully leveraging one thing: authentic communication.

In short, the power of webinars lies in their ability to help you build relationships and trust with your audience.

That's not all! Let's get a quick briefing on a few other ways webinars are so awesome:


In an era of instant video communication and with so many powerful engagement options, webinars are quickly becoming one of the most promising channels for engaging with your audience.

Often done live, brands and businesses are able to connect directly to their audience—and more importantly, have their audience connect directly to them.

With Demio, you can run events with zero-latency streaming to an audience across the globe.

We also have several built-in engagement tools including Polls/Handouts as well as a powerful Live Chat experience that you control.


Webinars are also incredibly convenient for brands and attendees alike.

Your audience doesn't have to travel anywhere or even leave the comfort of their own homes. Equipped with just an internet connection and a capable device, they can easily have the same personalized experience.

You can attend a Demio event directly from within the browser. No downloads required!

Better yet, we have browser support for nearly all the browsers out there.


Remember, webinars are a way for you to connect to your audience and they allow you to do so at scale!

Once you've crafted your message and built your funnel, you can focus on growing your audience while still being able to deliver the same great experience to each person.

In fact, while other communication channels start to lose a personal touch as the audience size grows, webinars can often times become more valuable as more audience members begin to engage with you and your content (and even each other).

Flexible (in terms of being able to move through a funnel)

Webinars are incredibly flexible in terms of where they can impact your funnel and can help move prospects through many of the different stages.

Looking to attract qualified leads to your business? Perfect! A top-of-funnel lead generation webinar can be a great way to capture in leads and build brand awareness.

Already have leads? Awesome! An educational demand generation webinar that outlines your key product offerings can be a great way to prime them for your sales team.

Do you have qualified prospects primed and ready to purchase? Amazing! A direct sales webinar to convert those prospects into paying customers can be a high-performing conversion strategy.

For those of you that are planning on using webinars for one of the mentioned use cases, Demio prides itself on being a marketing-focused webinar platform.

We're focused on building the best platform to run webinars for any of the following use cases: https://demio.com/use-cases

Next up, we'll talk about how you can actually use these webinars to achieve the goals.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.