Preparing your Replay Campaign

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There are many ways to tackle post-webinar activities to increase conversions and capturing additional results.

Different use cases will call for variations in how you deploy your replay campaign. Different segments might also benefit from different types of messages. We can create specific follow-up campaigns for:

  • No Shows
  • Attendees who left early
  • Attendees that didn't convert
  • Attendees that did convert

Let's walk through a few basic options and tactics now!

Driving Conversions

When it comes to conversion-focused events, the typical objective is to convert your audience on an offer.

If your offer is a limited time one, you'll want to craft an email sequence that continues from when the webinar has ended until the offer's expiration. Otherwise, you can drip out new emails that tie back to your webinar offer while continually delivering value.

As for the replay, you can include a link to access it for those that missed or simply wish to reengage with the content. You can make it more accessible by adding key points that were discussed (possibly with timestamps) or creating snippets of different portions of the event.

Power of Scarcity

One of the key strategies to increase conversion is through the use of scarcity. This can play a crucial role in helping you build out the pre-webinar campaigns and drive attendance on your event, but it can also be used after the event has ended in your post-webinar replay campaigns.

One option might be to limit the availability of replay and set a deadline for when it might expire. This adds urgency for any members of your audience that might wish to engage with the content and its something you can communicate in your post-webinar emails.

If you're sharing an offer, you might consider applying a deadline to the offer as well, then leveraging the replay as a means for your audience to learn more about the offer.

Adding Bonuses

Another tactic that is commonly used to drive attendance, and can be similarly applied to your replay campaign, is the inclusion of bonuses.

Limit the bonus (say to the first 50 replay viewers), and you'll be leveraging scarcity too!

Handling those that Missed

When engaging with those that did not attend the live webinar, your goal should be to have them watch through the entire replay. You've put in a lot of work crafting your webinar event (everything from preparing the content to practicing the pace), so what better to present than the actual event itself!

Of course, you'll need to build excitement through the actual campaign using attractive headlines, value-driven copy, and anything else—similar to how you crafted your pre-webinar emails.

Combine a well-crafted email campaign with any of the earlier tactics, and you'll be sure to receive additional engagement via your replay.

Handling those that Attended

For those that did attend, your emails should instead focus on answering additional questions, crushing objections, selling your offer, and delivering additional value rather than pushing the replay.

They've seen the presentation and understood the offer, so we should aim to overcome any final hurdles and drive conversions instead.

Of course, you can still share the replay with them and allow them to review the presentation—something that can be particularly beneficial for any attendees that may have left early and/or wish to review certain portions.

With Demio's built-in email notification options, you can set up follow-up emails containing your replay to be sent out to a specific segment: Registered, Attended, or Missed.

You can also use our automation tools to create these segments directly in your CRM, allowing you to create and send your campaign from your tool of choice.

All in all, this is about being strategic with your audience, the different segments, and the specific objectives you have and creating a post-webinar campaign that caters to each. It also allows you to continue to reap rewards from all of the hard work you put in at the start when first crafting your webinar process.

The worst mistake you can make is assuming your audience (whether they attended the event or not) are no longer interested in your offer, once the event has ended. Regardless of which tactics you deploy and which segments you target, you can leverage a well-crafted replay campaign to continue the engagement and capture additional results.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.