Sharing your Replay

Team Demio
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In this more practical lesson, we'll cover a few common methods used to prepare and share the replay!

Let's explore them now:

Share it automatically through the webinar platform you're using! Take advantage of the various automation options you have available, including automatically generate a dedicated replay page and send it to specific segments once the event has ended.

Using Demio allows you to automatically share your replay after the webinar ends with a specific segment: Registered, Attended, or Missed.

Send your replay as part of an email campaign using your CRM! Using several of the strategies we outlined in the earlier lesson, craft a post-webinar email campaign and include a link to the replay page.

Feel free to keep things simple and use the dedicated replay page generated by your webinar platform, or if you need more control, grab the raw file and upload it directly on your video platform of choice (i.e. Wistia, Vimeo, or even your own website).

With Demio, you can use our different CRM integrations to automatically create segments based on different behaviors.

We also auto-generate a customizable replay page for every webinar session that runs on our platform, as well as options to download the recording directly as an MP4 file.

Turn your replay into an Automated/On-Demand event and enrich the experience with dynamic, like-live elements (chat options, timed resources, etc.)!

While it's a more advanced strategy (one that we'll be exploring with a future course: Explore Automated), it can certainly be worth it if done correctly. If you've spent the time crafting and perfecting the presentation portion, flipping the switch on Automated options can help you turn all of your hard work into an experience you put on auto-pilot and continues to get results from.

It's smart to plan the Automated/On-Demand options as a separate campaign altogether, sharing/promoting it with a new audience.

Wrapping Up

That sums up some of the more common methods for sharing your replay! Of course, don't be afraid of stepping outside of the box and exploring other creative options.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.