Reviewing the Customer Avatar

Team Demio
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In our Getting Started course, we included a dedicated lesson on crafting your customer avatar where we did an in-depth dive into what a customer avatar was, why it was valuable to building a successful webinar process, and how to craft one yourself.

As with most components of your webinar process, your Customer Avatar is a crucial piece to optimizing your Attendance Growth.

Let's do a quick recap, then explore how it applies to help drive attendees(jump into the earlier lesson above to get a full picture)

Goals and Aspirations

These are the desires of your audience. We'll be crafting our webinars so they move your audience towards achieving these desires.

Challenges and Pains

These are the problems that your audience faces. Not only do they help you connect with your audience through mutual understanding, but by offering possible solutions that overcome these problems, we can truly deliver value.

Once we understand both areas of our customer avatar, we are in a strategic position to understand what actually matters to them.

If we can craft different components of our webinar process leading up to the event to speak to these goals and challenges, we can improve the attendance rate across these events.

This might mean:

  • crafting your registration process with an emphasis on how your event will bring them closer to their goals or resolve any challenges
  • improving your reminder notifications with copy that keys in on those same goals/challenges
  • building buzz in your community by delivering snippets of value around those goals/challenges

The better these areas speak to those goals/challenges, the higher your attendance rate will be. In fact, your Attendance Rate can be a great data-driven indicator of how effectively the pre-event process is speaking to your customer avatar.

Let's take a peek into how we can set up our registration process to succeed in this regard.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.