Why Attendees Matter

Team Demio
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We can all intuitively agree that more Attendees are usually better, but few of us stop to really understand how an increase in Attendees can truly impact our goals.

Let's start with results (and how more Attendees usually equates to more results).

A useful way to think about this is through the lens of a webinar equation (yay math!)

It's a fairly simple equation that models the potential results of a webinar campaign:

Increase just one variable and you increase the entire outcome!

Let's take an example where your webinar funnel and product offering are the same. You're:

  • driving 500 leads to your registration process
  • converting 20% of those leads into registrants
  • selling a $1000 product
  • converting 10% of those that attend

Then let's take two scenarios: one where you get a 50% Attendance rate and another where you get a 20% Attendance rate.

All else equal, you'll find a stark difference between the two scenarios (with the higher attendance rate predictably driving more results).

This logic can apply to any goal that you may have, even if you aren't driving direct sales through your webinars. Simply substitute the outcome for your desired goal and you'll see the same increase in results!

Of course, the buck doesn't just stop there. Additional attendees do so much more for our webinars from driving up engagement to delivering additional feedback through questions/polls.

In fact, the increased engagement on your events resulting from more Attendees might even increase your purchase conversion rate, further amplifying the results of your webinar equation.

Furthermore, those positive engaging experiences can drive growth on future events, feeding into a positive feedback loop that supercharges our results.

Regardless of what type of webinars you are running, Attendees are a critical component to their success as an interactive, engaging communication strategy.

So, let's drive that attendance rate up!

Now that we can understand the mechanism behind why Attendees are so vital, let's explore a few options we have to accomplish attendee growth.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.