Setting Up Pre-Webinar Campaigns for Success

Team Demio
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Let's dive into optimizing your pre-webinar email campaigns to help drive attendance.

This simple addition can add a huge boost to your Attendance rates, so spending some time to set them up (and do so right) is worth the effort.

There are two main types of pre-webinar email campaigns: Reminder emails and Promotional emails. We'll take a look at both.

Reminder Emails

This one's pretty straight forward! Reminder emails serve to simply remind your audience of the event's date & time.

People are busy (and getting busier day by day), so reminders are a great way to bring their attention back to the event as it relates to their calendar.

While a variety of schedules can work, we recommend you keep it simple and backload the emails—meaning we focus on sending additional reminders as the event approaches.

A great structure to use is to send an email:

  • immediately after registration as confirmation
  • approximately a day before the event
  • on the day of (about an hour or so before the event)

We offer some pretty awesome default options for your emails:

Instant Confirmation, 24 Hours Before, 1 Hour Before, and 15 Mins Before

You can pick-and-choose which ones to enable and customize each of them individually.

You can add additional reminder options (such as SMS or Facebook Messenger) to help levy a separate communication channel—one that has less noise.

As for the emails themselves, you'll want to keep it focused on the date & time of the event and make it easy to join (for when the time comes). Keep it to the name of the event, the date & time alongside an Add-to-Calendar option and instructions on joining the event.

You can optionally choose to add a bit of copy to bring personality to your event, but remember to keep it simple and effective.

Promotional Emails

These are a tad different in that they serve to build excitement around your event and drive forward why they should attend.

Here is where we'll want to use our customer avatar to craft benefit-driven emails (focusing on the goals and challenges of our audience). It's also a great time to revisit any bonuses/incentives that are promised and potentially share testimonials or social proof.

Another great lens to view these emails are as a relationship and rapport-builder. You can extend these emails to include personalized videos and messages that speak to your audience and their desires.

Use this opportunity to really drive home the value they will receive from attending and why it's worth their time.

Where to get started?

With Reminder Emails, most webinar platforms include default options that make it easy to set-up.

Demio makes it easier than ever to create these!

Of course, you can always craft your own custom campaign with the email platform of your choosing too.

As an easy win, we recommend adding these to your process.

On the other hand, crafting Promotional Emails can certainly help drive attendance rates up, but require a bit more work to set up.

If you're just starting out, we recommend you start small and keep things simple at first. Remember, we can always improve our email campaigns over time and continue to build it up.

In our next lesson, we'll dig into a few ways we can continually optimize the process!

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