Building Trust through Experts & Social Proof

Team Demio
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Before we dive into how we'll build trust, let's understand why this is such a pivotal piece to acquiring registrations.

On its surface, a single registration may not seem like much of an ask. I mean, it's just an email address, right?

Not quite!

Every registration contains something valuable—not only in the form of information but also as a future commitment of someone's time.

But that's not all.

In today's digital age where there's no end to readily available content, we need to go above and beyond to break through the noise. People are more selective about what (and from who) they choose to engage with.

When there are multiple content streams of similar sounding strategies and topics, the source of the streams start to matter, and this necessitates trust.

Let's look at two key ways we can establish that trust:

Social Proof has always been an effective strategy for capturing attention and heightening the perceived value of something.

Part of our earlier strategy for communicating benefits through the copy included sharing results and/or testimonials from other attendees. It works because it offers your audience an avatar to look up to: If they achieved those results, then maybe I can too!

You can also be mindful of opportunities outside of your registration page, whether it's retweeting favorable comments on Twitter or including the same testimonials on your promotional material.

Presenter Profiles are a great way to highlight the expertise of your presenters and why they're qualified to deliver on your big promise. They allow you to leverage any existing rapport (especially effective for any events with notable guest presenters) and serve to add a bit of personality to your event.

It's best to share short mini-biographies on each of the presenters and personalize them by adding their name and a photo (when possible).

We have a powerful widget for Presenter Profiles available for any users to quickly add these presenter profiles to their registration page.

You can add everything from their name to their photo to a short bio.

Think of it as putting a face (or faces) to the event as a whole!

That's the final step towards ensuring our registration page delivers on all our main objectives: engaging our audience, communicating benefits, and building trust.

The remainder of the course, we'll take a look at what happens after the registration and explore a few traffic strategies.

Before that, let's quickly take a look at why it might be a good idea to integrate your email list.

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