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With the core design of the registration page complete, let's explore one of the more underlying components of any great registration process: your CRM (often called an email list or basically the contact area of your marketing automation tool).

Chances are that if you're interested in or already running webinars, you probably use a CRM of some type.

Connecting both (your CRM to your webinar) is a great way to capture the leads and contacts that register for your event. This is everyone who has demonstrated an interest in your content (and ultimately the value) that you aim to provide, so they're some pretty great contacts to have.

We don't want to miss out on capturing their details!

We integrate with several of the most popular CRM tools, making it incredible seamless to tie everything together.

While we're adding the contacts to your list with the goal of future engagement, there are a few added benefits (as well as added functionality) that this affords us.

Flexible Communication: As we'll discuss in an upcoming lesson, using reminder notifications to engage your registrants will help increase your turn-out rates.

Many webinar tools have pre-built notification options, but for those that are looking for more control over this email sequence, capturing these contacts are a necessary step.

While Demio offers awesome pre-built emails, we make it easy to send these emails from your own CRM for those that want the additional flexibility.

We make it seamless to connect the two and allow you to pass any custom fields captured during registration including one for the Unique Join Link that is generated for each registrant.

Segment Behavior: When we look at webinar-related behavior, there are some key actions that registrants can take (or not take)—most notable are whether or not they attend the event itself.

Some webinar platforms allow you to track these behaviors; some even allow you to communicate this data to your CRM to do behavior-based segmentation.

This is an incredibly powerful way to track (and ultimately communicate differently) with those that took different key actions.

For any and all of our supported CRMs, Demio allows you to map certain actions to different segments based on behavior.

You can assign a unique action to those that attend your event and those that did not show up, allowing you to communicate and act on each segment differently.

Post-Webinar Engagement: Of course, we still have our main goal. As with our pre-webinar notifications, keeping your contacts in a CRM allows you to engage with them after the event has taken place and beyond.

Everything from sending them the replay, to asking for feedback, to sending them funny cat pictures—the possibilities are limitless and the choice is yours.

Each webinar tool has different capabilities and may not support the CRM that you use.

For Demio users, we've prepared a list of How-To guides for each of the different CRMs that we integrate with:

With our CRM now in tow, let's take a look at creating a post-registration thank you page.

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