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Now that we've got our goals and customer avatar mapped out, it's time to get our actual webinar up and running. We'll start with the basics on creating the event.

While the exact steps can vary depending on which webinar platform you are using, there are a few key items that we'll need to think about.

Setting a Schedule

The key to finding the perfect time for your event is to keep your customer avatar in mind. The more you understand their schedule and challenges, the easier it will be to connect with them.

If you're avatar consists of human resources managers, you may find that webinars later in the workday are best, especially if many of them are busy with recruiting phone calls during earlier hours.

Or maybe you're targeting sales managers, in which case you can schedule your webinar at end of the month when their department sales numbers become evident and they might be experiencing their pain points.

Timing considerations like this can help guide your scheduling decisions.


Next, we can tackle the how-to for building and designing your registration page.

We have a dedicated course on building your registration process from scratch:  Registrations 101, so you can dive into deeper strategies there.

Here are a few articles on how to get started with creating the Registration pages: Registration Overview


We'll need to prepare the content of the actual webinar.

We have an upcoming course on how to craft your content: Content Course (coming soon), so we won't cover any nitty gritty details yet.

Instead, here's a quick run through on the essentials.

Slide Presentation

We'll want to make sure that any presentation slides are loaded up into the event.

We make it incredibly easy to load up any presentations for your event. Here's a quick guide: Managing Materials


Let's make sure we also add any engagement tools—things like Polls or Handouts.

We allow you to add different resources to your event, including Polls, Handouts, and even direct Call-to-Actions. Here's a quick guide: Managing Resources


If you're bringing on additional presenters, we'll want to set them up with invites.

You can add additional presenters and moderators on the fly. Here's a quick guide: Managing Admins

Room Setting

We'll also want to make sure we adjust any room-related settings to our preference.

We offer several settings that allow you to customize your webinar experience—it includes things like chat privacy, post-webinar redirects and more. Here's a quick guide: Additional Options


Finally, we can make sure we set up any behind-the-scenes automation or integrations.

Here's a quick lesson covering that topic: Integrating your CRM

For Demio users, we've prepared a list of How-To guides for each of the different CRMs that we integrate with: Demio Integrations

With that, we should be set! Let's move on to tackling basics of promoting your event.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.