Promoting the Event

Team Demio
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When it comes to promoting your event and exploring different traffic strategies, there are entire novels that could be written to breakdown the different options.

We do have a few lessons outlining some strategies:

Lesson: Driving Traffic to your Registration Page

And we plan on building a more advanced course around optimizing the different options: Traffic Strategies (coming soon).

To get you started, here are two helpful considerations:

Customer Avatar

We can refer back to the Customer Avatar that we crafted in an earlier lesson—specifically around the Finding Your Audience portion where we listed the where and what of our audience's attention.

This will give you a few great sources to start finding potential registrants!

Messaging That Caters

When it comes to the copy we use or the keywords we decide to target, it's also important to keep your Customer Avatar in mind.

Your message should be crafted in a way that speaks to their aspirations and challenges.

With those two components in mind, we should be dive into different traffic strategies effectively.

Next, let's look at presenting the event itself.

Run engaging webinars that deliver results.